Mormons & Gender Roles – Episode III

Myke and Ted discuss Mormons and Gender Roles, given that they are both stay-at-home dads (currently), and Ted’s recent publication in Sunstone on Gender Roles and the Proclamation on the Family, as well as the recent changes to church policy on hiring of Seminary and Institute teachers.

Ted’s recent article in Sunstone Magazine can be found here:

Fallen Bodies, Eternal Genders

His response to his own article can be found here:

A Response to My Own Essay, Or, Are We Allowed to Do That, Who Cares Let’s Run with It Anyway

Article on Stay-at-home-Dadhood and Ruth Bader Ginsburg we mention:

What Ruth Bader Ginsburg Taught Me About Being a Stay-at-Home Dad

Articles on recent hiring policy changes for LDS Seminary and Institute Teachers:

LDS women with children now eligible for full-time seminary, institute jobs

New change allows young moms, divorced members to teach Mormon seminary


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