Consultants and Contributors

These are people that have helped us along, and given us valuable feedback. They play many roles, including working as our ‘eyes and ears’, acting as sounding boards (especially when they are not in the field that we’re exploring), and offering topic suggestions, among other things. Don’t feel bad if your name doesn’t make this list — there aren’t many that are willing to donate so much of their time.

Tyson Yapias is a student of the Ancient Middle-east, a former Marine, and a life-long Mormon.

Stephen Smoot says, “If it’s after AD 200, I’m not very interested,” with the exceptions of all things Mormon and the occasional German Lit bit, or German philosophy (is there difference between those last two?).

Ted Lee is a graduate of University of Washington, with a double major in the Comparative History of Ideas, and Cultural Anthropology. He works by day at an Asian market, killing fish with gusto.





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